AMETHYST (ZAMBIA) 5.68 ct. Sugarloaf-Cut Cabochon

# SCab 10
AMETHYST (ZAMBIA)  5.68 ct. Sugarloaf-Cut Cabochon
This cabochon shows off the rich, saturated reddish-purple of fine Zambian amethyst in a custom Sugarloaf cut. It measures approx.. 9.7 x 10.6 x 7.5 mm. and is just short of eye clean. (The accompanying images are magnified many times and the inclusions they show are not obvious to the unaided eye.) Sugarloaf cuts are becoming very popular and are fashioned from facet-grade rough material in most cases. This is a very appealing gem with a wet-look polish on every surface. February birthstone. (All uses, N).

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